Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy EARTH DAY!!!

And, So comes love...(the NEW large canvas market bag at the Boutique!)

In many languages the word "Earth" looks and sounds so times it surpasses our own American language in terms of beauty. One thing is for certain, no matter what language you speak: earth is cool!

I'm so tickled when my customers come in, fresh from farmers market or out and about sporting their favorite canvas or nylon shop bags! It makes me proud when I see you in hot yoga, walking your pooches drinking from your re-usuable bottles! It gives me hope and I get excited when I see all of you taking action, making an effort and trying to do your part!

Just remember we are what makes Auburn and this area so great!!!

In a collaborative effort Avantgarden and the ECO-BOUTIQUE are donating a percentage of our sales on April 25th to Placer Land Trust--working to preserve natural landscapes and preserve open space. On that Saturday I will be hosting a class called Get Your Green On, Simple Ways to Start Greening your Home at the shop, following at 12:00 and 2:00 there will be a soil demo and Kim Wright, owner of Avantgarden is hosting a class on Design Principles of Container Gardening.
How fabulous to Green your Green this Earth Day!

I'm not going to preach about the outdoors, and hugging a tree ( I usually give them a little pat, not a hug) but I am simply going to ask you on this day, like every day, to just consider making better choices with your options and make a difference in your purchasing power! Have a beautiful EARTH DAY!
But wait, there's more! And in the evening I'm so excited to participate and hang out with the Creative Gardener crew exchanging flowers and creating beautiful arrangements and getting into some earth on Earth Day---YAH! Too bad I won't learn how to container garden until Saturd
ays class at Avantgarden!

Here's to making a difference!

~Tamara, your local green girl

Sunday, April 12, 2009

and Four Bikes Later...

Well, it used to be my garage

Here is a picture of the Texas stuff piled in the garage...

After drying out from the showers last week, the stuff from Texas will be making it's way into the EB later this week and early next week!
I'm not sure why I bought four bicycles, probably the realized nostalgic obsession I have with them, but I did! Very excited about the Murphy's Irish Stout or Guinness bike, the teal super sweet bike with the back fin and "brake lights", and with two front headlights! So cute.... Then I had to buy the 60's red tandem...just BECAUSE I felt like I could give it a really good home, thank goodness it wasn't another Chesapeake or chocolate lab!
As it garage is completely stuffed with bikes, 4 beach cruisers, 2 tandems, 3 mountain bikes, 2 road bikes (can I get a partridge in a pear tree please?)

I have come back from Texas wanting to add yet MORE color into the scary is that? I've considered many times adding a beach theme room, but most of my NORCAL customers love where we live, and celebrate that on EVERY nice day that we have! Not only that, but since the New England coast has seeped into my blood, I'm not sure I can have the coast without steamahs and lobstah!

So, what's a green girl to do?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back From Tehas

Hello ALL!

I had a wonderful time in Texas, it was exhausting, exhilarating, fun and work all at the same time!

I'm anxiously awaiting the truck, and things should be here the end of next week!

I found a lot of very cool and fun pieces, my favorites are a my vintage cruisers, red tandem bike, old metal plaid picnic baskets and the 1923 work bench with metal drawers, which had two previous owners other than myself from a custom home in Illinois! It is an absolutely gorgeous piece. I also discovered a new favorite, a unique British piece at market.

I found some great smalls, objects for clients and was able to meet many of the "blog women" we all love to follow on here. Miles of treasures to look at, rummage through and people with objects and displays to enjoy. The weather was crazy---beautiful days, cold and magical warm windy nights.... Bottom line is, I'll definitely be going back! For some reason I didn't take a lot of photos--I guess I
was too busy shopping! Here are a few I thought I would post...

Sweet For Sharing!

We loved this rocking iron bench, complete with arm
cup- holders.

(I know, Tam's *new* Tandem needs a little work!
AND of course a basket.)