Friday, October 9, 2009


Dear ECO-BOUTIQUE & DwLw friends:

I'm happy to report that I have accepted a Store Manager position at reCreate, eco-art center and re-use store. I'm very excited to be part of the team and we have many great green activities and interactive classes for all ages and all of Placer county! I'm hoping that my on-going commitment and excitement about going and staying green is contagious!
Please find more information on reCreate at

SAVE THE DATE for the Grand Opening on October 24th!

What about our

I've decided to hold off on the brick & mortar boutique to join this venture and seek out new educational as well as community outreach programs. As many of you know my passion is the environment and every day stewardship, mixed with design and therefore art--this is a perfect match for me! I will be selling at the markets, antique fairs and special "lawn sales: green your green" for just my email list of customers and clients! The pre-Holiday sale is coming up soon! You will find all those fabulous finds at a fraction of the cost (no overhead!) I'm still your local green girl, I'm just diversifying! ~Tamara

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


(vintage metal headboard with wheels, old recycled wood door with chalkboard..on sale now!)

It's almost time to stop "playing" and get back to the business of selling! Things have been super crazy and chaotic, and yet I'm recharged with a new sense about me, the business and friendships that ever expand and grow! Autumn is my favorite time of year, it's my rejuvenation time and I'm welcoming all the changes that come my way! Just wanted to stop in and post something! Happy Indian Summer all! ~tamara

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Adventures in....

My First little Market

And I got to catch up with several of my favorite people on Sunday!!! I was so excited to see Jacque (The Creative Gardener) with her soon-to-be hubby, James; Emma and Chris from the Tin Thimble; Clinton (Watston Designs/Brown Dog Cottage and his darling wife, Becky have a spot at the Tattered House); and my employee Tiffany and her man Nate! Which I'm happy to report she finally bought that recycled silver Eames Chair necklace she has been loving since I opened the shop! (thanks Tiff). AND I also saw my new friend KB whom makes wonderful handmade custom assemblage jewelery (I bought one of her vintage button and reused vintage paper pendants).

My 6-month pregnant dear friend Jessie came to help, poor thing--she blew a tire on the way here....I had to pick her up in the Dixon Walmart parking lot (what other tire place is open on a Sunday?) LOST the ONLY key to the family suburban, some where in the abyss of --spring closet cleaning, store product, market product etc...(the house gnome really needs to get them back to me soon!) Luckily my friend, Brock, was at the Glass Turtle where I walked to get his keys and 4runner...I raced to Dixon, got Jess at 10pm-ish, where we proceeded to dine at Le Denny's, got to bed at 12:30am, we were up at 5am (that's late for most markets). Had an interesting and fairly successful day ( I got some GREAT shopping done, I can't wait to show you what I'm creating and came up with--recycling at it's best from your Green Girl!!). But wait there's more--- drove her back to Dixon Walymart at 7pm--she got on the road....and at N. Texas rode had to pull over because the imbecils at Walymart left a brake line lose rubbing against her tire? I felt so bad for her!!! I was ready to just tow her Volkswagon behind my 4-runner back to San Jose!! Of course that would have still left the brake line dangling around the tire!?! Needless to say, she left me the bulk box of powdered donuts holes and made it safely home! Next time I'm sticking her on the capital corridor Amtrak!

So.....Alameda is next, thankfully Clinton, Becky and the Tattered gals are there if I get myself in a pickle!

I'm happy to report my new job is awesome--it gives me the opportunity to focus on Design and having a life about the fact that I have WEEKENDS OFF!!! What??? What am I going to do with myself? I think I will need to get another job to just eat up all this free time!! I've been doing Visual Display and Merchandising for 16 years, and Interior Design for ten...and I love both!

There's several other things on-deck this summer for me and the ECO-BOUTIQUE, I'll be sending the events out in the newsletter (if you would like to sign up for the newsletter email me at and I will be posting more pics and musings---now that I have ALL this time on my hands! :)

Here's to an amazing kick-off to Summah, Lobstah, Cook-Outs & Friends!

Tamara, Your Local Green Girl

Saturday, May 16, 2009


If you haven't picked up on it already I love languages, literature and words...or sayings. They seem to spark the writer in me...

KINDLING: material for starting a fire.

I'm calling KINDLING the ignition of change which
completely describes my life and the ECO-BOUTIQUE at present. After a few sleepless weeks and agonizing decisions, I'm happy to report--I'm moving the boutique! To start, after much encouragement from the Antique Trove manager, I've decided to move in on Row G and E! I'm also going to be joining the ranks of exhausted Sunday marketers AND eventually opening a smaller more quaint boutique in Old Town Auburn--possibly August.

I'm moving out of the Lincoln Way store by June 1st....mainly because of the "streetscape" project. They are tearing up the frontage of my store---and it's CalTrans, the city and the county...and it's not going to be pretty for a long time! Street closures, minimal accessibility, noise...etc

I'm not sure how my life goes from a little campfire to a regenerative forest fire...whatever the grand plan is for me, I'm happy for these personal and business changes. It gives me an opportunity to still do what I love, design, green living, having a "boutique" space to express myself. :)

So here's to KINDLING, the beginning or inception of growing bigger and brighter.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zinc, zinc, Zinc.
Moss and Tonka Jeeps...

I need to add some color to

My friend and THE best worker bee, Moses did this when we were moving Texas
stuff around the shop....cute for a dude, right?!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy EARTH DAY!!!

And, So comes love...(the NEW large canvas market bag at the Boutique!)

In many languages the word "Earth" looks and sounds so times it surpasses our own American language in terms of beauty. One thing is for certain, no matter what language you speak: earth is cool!

I'm so tickled when my customers come in, fresh from farmers market or out and about sporting their favorite canvas or nylon shop bags! It makes me proud when I see you in hot yoga, walking your pooches drinking from your re-usuable bottles! It gives me hope and I get excited when I see all of you taking action, making an effort and trying to do your part!

Just remember we are what makes Auburn and this area so great!!!

In a collaborative effort Avantgarden and the ECO-BOUTIQUE are donating a percentage of our sales on April 25th to Placer Land Trust--working to preserve natural landscapes and preserve open space. On that Saturday I will be hosting a class called Get Your Green On, Simple Ways to Start Greening your Home at the shop, following at 12:00 and 2:00 there will be a soil demo and Kim Wright, owner of Avantgarden is hosting a class on Design Principles of Container Gardening.
How fabulous to Green your Green this Earth Day!

I'm not going to preach about the outdoors, and hugging a tree ( I usually give them a little pat, not a hug) but I am simply going to ask you on this day, like every day, to just consider making better choices with your options and make a difference in your purchasing power! Have a beautiful EARTH DAY!
But wait, there's more! And in the evening I'm so excited to participate and hang out with the Creative Gardener crew exchanging flowers and creating beautiful arrangements and getting into some earth on Earth Day---YAH! Too bad I won't learn how to container garden until Saturd
ays class at Avantgarden!

Here's to making a difference!

~Tamara, your local green girl

Sunday, April 12, 2009

and Four Bikes Later...

Well, it used to be my garage

Here is a picture of the Texas stuff piled in the garage...

After drying out from the showers last week, the stuff from Texas will be making it's way into the EB later this week and early next week!
I'm not sure why I bought four bicycles, probably the realized nostalgic obsession I have with them, but I did! Very excited about the Murphy's Irish Stout or Guinness bike, the teal super sweet bike with the back fin and "brake lights", and with two front headlights! So cute.... Then I had to buy the 60's red tandem...just BECAUSE I felt like I could give it a really good home, thank goodness it wasn't another Chesapeake or chocolate lab!
As it garage is completely stuffed with bikes, 4 beach cruisers, 2 tandems, 3 mountain bikes, 2 road bikes (can I get a partridge in a pear tree please?)

I have come back from Texas wanting to add yet MORE color into the scary is that? I've considered many times adding a beach theme room, but most of my NORCAL customers love where we live, and celebrate that on EVERY nice day that we have! Not only that, but since the New England coast has seeped into my blood, I'm not sure I can have the coast without steamahs and lobstah!

So, what's a green girl to do?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back From Tehas

Hello ALL!

I had a wonderful time in Texas, it was exhausting, exhilarating, fun and work all at the same time!

I'm anxiously awaiting the truck, and things should be here the end of next week!

I found a lot of very cool and fun pieces, my favorites are a my vintage cruisers, red tandem bike, old metal plaid picnic baskets and the 1923 work bench with metal drawers, which had two previous owners other than myself from a custom home in Illinois! It is an absolutely gorgeous piece. I also discovered a new favorite, a unique British piece at market.

I found some great smalls, objects for clients and was able to meet many of the "blog women" we all love to follow on here. Miles of treasures to look at, rummage through and people with objects and displays to enjoy. The weather was crazy---beautiful days, cold and magical warm windy nights.... Bottom line is, I'll definitely be going back! For some reason I didn't take a lot of photos--I guess I
was too busy shopping! Here are a few I thought I would post...

Sweet For Sharing!

We loved this rocking iron bench, complete with arm
cup- holders.

(I know, Tam's *new* Tandem needs a little work!
AND of course a basket.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tamara Is Going To Texas!

Hi Y'all!
After last nights lovely evening with The Creative Gardener, Jacque, and her peers and friends, I started to get really excited about my trip. I'm heading to Texas for the Round Top Antique Market Extravaganza! ( I added that last part...) I'm not looking forward to the 6am flight and connections to get to Austin (lame Sac. airport, very lame). And I joked with Colleen that she will have to collect me at the airport bar, waiting 3.5 hours for her, and being up since 3:30am!

I'm a newbie this time, but I'm very fortunate to be going alongside a talented designer and shop owner, Miss Colleen from Saffron and Genevieve. (whom is also one of my very good friends that I can't wait to spend more time with!)

Check out where I will for a a week!

Check back for pic's, finds and any general musings I might want to share with you...

See y'all soon,
Tamara, Your Local Green Girl

Friday, March 20, 2009

Being Present


I've hear this yoga term before and it didn't resonate until recently. What does that mean? Am I present in my design practice? My store practice? I cruise along most days thinking of how much I have to, what I haven't done, what I need to do next. Lately I find myself pausing to just BE in the moment--unfortunately this has happened a few times at the store where I block all the wonderful chatter and discovery that is happening when customers are in. :)

What about being present in your life practice? Present with the decisions we make, our attitudes, our thoughts, our purchases. There is a very slow shift in our society and when we do buy something, we want to feel good about it. Not just feeling good because we got it at a cheap or fair price, but feeling good about the fair wage a woman received, supporting her in her trade and family, about saving a salvaged piece from a landfill, using vintage and antique, knowing the elegant chunky goblet we are drinking from was recreated out of a recycled wine bottle...I could go on....and on....(AND on.........)

I'm happy to be here where I am, making mistakes, not always being 110% "on" and elated, being comfortable not having the store "perfect" all the time. (the last one is the hardest for me!) I would say that as unsettled as things are for many of us, I'm happy to BE PRESENT in my life, are you? ~th

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reusing with Creative Displays!

ADORABLE! I had to share these, I just couldn't stand it any longer!
I love creating and finding unusual ways to display objects that we cherish and love but don't always get to look at or have out.
Vintage and antique brooches paired with old photos--what a sweet way to preserve and share your favorite pics and pins. Not sure what to do with those old family photos? Match Granny's favorite brooch with a special pictur
e of her...

~Sweet AND Green~

Monday, March 9, 2009

Simple. Subtle. Beautiful

Simple, Subtle and Beautiful

I've been inspired by those around me lately, it's amazing the power of creative, positive people! Colleen and I worked so hard to get my store back in order and looking good again! Thanks Col!
Thought I would share the shop "Early Sprin" window before it changes next week!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

"These were the best of times. These were the worst of times." Sitting outside on this beautiful day---hanging out with the "crazies" (my brown dog retriever family) when the opening lines of Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities came to mind. How curiously appropriate this sentiment echoes in todays American world. I think I would rather switch them to say "These are the worst of times, but also the BEST of times." I'm seeing a transformation of values and lifestyle, people are nesting and reevaluating their homes and way of life. What wonderful challenges we have been presented with, and we can only succeed in making our communities better.

March is a transitional month, winter isn't quite done with us and it's not quite spring. March is the time to force bulbs (if you haven't already) and start making those initial self and home and garden plans. March is when things pick up in the "design world". Rediscovering old pieces, or finding new ones, redecorating, revamping, repainting.... Spring is a time for cleaning and purging (and recycling!) To me, spring has represented a need for modification, alteration and growth.

Growth is great, and the mission of the ECO-BOUTIQUE hasn't changed, in fact, it's about to get a lot better! In the March Newsletter I posted that I will start teaching Green Design and ECO classes--even a better way to reach out to my community and share my passion, knowledge and experience. I can only hope my enthusiasm and commitment to making green and eco design fashionable, functional and beautiful is contagious. There are a growing number of "greenies" out there, ( I was called this at a DBA meeting---it was said in a sarcastic tone, but I thought it quaint and cute, so I kept it, so there!) and change IS happening, we may not see it every day, but it's there. And speaking of turning things around, let's make the worst of times, the best of times!
Lastly, one of my dearest friends reminded me last week, "Keep Calm and Carry on". Oh, where is that WWII slogan poster anyway?

Cheers and Happy Early Spring!
Tamara, Your local Green Girl

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finding beauty in everyday life

Blomsterverstad, a fantastic Danish "word", which in English roughly translates as "Finding beauty in everyday life" is also a blog I found recently and fell in love with. It has truly uplifted my spirits and inspired me (it's that or the hot yoga I've been doing) . I've been searching for simple ways to convey to my customers and those around me--"let's strive to be happy and healthy...better yet let's find a way to THRIVE!"

Everyday we are presented with beautiful things--just waiting to be appreciated. I try to bring that into the Eco-Boutique, I incorporate natural tree limbs and willow (speaking of thriving-- the willow has taken root and has the most delightful leaves sprouting on it's long limbs). To me, it's a way of connecting our inside world to the outside, and for someone that can't wait to get outside--it's also a simple way to stay connected and sane!

I've always incorporated the Scandinavian way of life and philosophy in my earliest designs---not just my upbringing with German and Dutch roots, but a Norwegian /Dutch American step-father! Especially after I lived and studied in Denmark (longingly sigh.....) Every season is celebrated, much like how our fellow New Englanders and Canadians do. It's one of the most beautiful and uplifting sights to see the first seasons crocus peeking through the snow--they always beat the daffies and the tulies.
And why is it the Swedes and Danes have it right with only one word (or short phrase) that embodies a total feeling or vibe?!

Especially in times "like these" we need to appreciate everyday simplicities, blomsterverstad-ing my thoughts and the shop is sure to have an affect on those around me---maybe make a few people smile or stop when they pass by. In mucky times I think of the lotus and how it thrives...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


First Blog, How exciting...

Tamara, owner and interior designer, has been busy as a bee at the Eco-Boutique-- gearing up for a big fabulous Sidewalk "Spring Inventory" SALE in March, she's hitting the road for some buying, AND we are revamping our inventory!

The EB has A LOT coming up in the next few months--the SALE~SALE~
SALE, our Earth Day series she is organizing in April at the store-- a month long awareness celebration. (please check back for further details!)

Dwlw's EB is sponsoring a joint event with the local bike shop for a Ride Well, Live Well event, all ages and bikes welcome--should be a wonderful family event! Light faire and refreshments served and Tamara wants to make her fresh squeezed lemonade or granny's surprise!

We are looking forward to adding more pic's product and info! Check back to see what we have going on.

Hygge sold here! (Thanks Olli!)