Sunday, April 12, 2009

and Four Bikes Later...

Well, it used to be my garage

Here is a picture of the Texas stuff piled in the garage...

After drying out from the showers last week, the stuff from Texas will be making it's way into the EB later this week and early next week!
I'm not sure why I bought four bicycles, probably the realized nostalgic obsession I have with them, but I did! Very excited about the Murphy's Irish Stout or Guinness bike, the teal super sweet bike with the back fin and "brake lights", and with two front headlights! So cute.... Then I had to buy the 60's red tandem...just BECAUSE I felt like I could give it a really good home, thank goodness it wasn't another Chesapeake or chocolate lab!
As it garage is completely stuffed with bikes, 4 beach cruisers, 2 tandems, 3 mountain bikes, 2 road bikes (can I get a partridge in a pear tree please?)

I have come back from Texas wanting to add yet MORE color into the scary is that? I've considered many times adding a beach theme room, but most of my NORCAL customers love where we live, and celebrate that on EVERY nice day that we have! Not only that, but since the New England coast has seeped into my blood, I'm not sure I can have the coast without steamahs and lobstah!

So, what's a green girl to do?

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Jacque said...

Let's go on a bike ride! Looks like a lot of great new stuff.... As for the ocean theme room I am sure if you do one it would be unique and fresh, I bet I could help with that! Creative Garden Gathering is on April 22nd hope you can come, and see you on the 19th in Roseville? Take care~Jacque