Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finding beauty in everyday life

Blomsterverstad, a fantastic Danish "word", which in English roughly translates as "Finding beauty in everyday life" is also a blog I found recently and fell in love with. It has truly uplifted my spirits and inspired me (it's that or the hot yoga I've been doing) . I've been searching for simple ways to convey to my customers and those around me--"let's strive to be happy and healthy...better yet let's find a way to THRIVE!"

Everyday we are presented with beautiful things--just waiting to be appreciated. I try to bring that into the Eco-Boutique, I incorporate natural tree limbs and willow (speaking of thriving-- the willow has taken root and has the most delightful leaves sprouting on it's long limbs). To me, it's a way of connecting our inside world to the outside, and for someone that can't wait to get outside--it's also a simple way to stay connected and sane!

I've always incorporated the Scandinavian way of life and philosophy in my earliest designs---not just my upbringing with German and Dutch roots, but a Norwegian /Dutch American step-father! Especially after I lived and studied in Denmark (longingly sigh.....) Every season is celebrated, much like how our fellow New Englanders and Canadians do. It's one of the most beautiful and uplifting sights to see the first seasons crocus peeking through the snow--they always beat the daffies and the tulies.
And why is it the Swedes and Danes have it right with only one word (or short phrase) that embodies a total feeling or vibe?!

Especially in times "like these" we need to appreciate everyday simplicities, blomsterverstad-ing my thoughts and the shop is sure to have an affect on those around me---maybe make a few people smile or stop when they pass by. In mucky times I think of the lotus and how it thrives...


The Tattered House said...

Hi Tamara,

Well done! Beautiful post. I can't wait to see and read more. Have a great weekend!


Jacque said...

We enjoyed our visit on Sat. The store looks great as I said "very fresh" Thank you for your enthusiasm toward our creations, we enjoy what we do and hope others will also. See you soon ~ Jacque

Colleen Hickey said...

I love this, Tam. You're such a good writer. Nicely done.