Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

"These were the best of times. These were the worst of times." Sitting outside on this beautiful day---hanging out with the "crazies" (my brown dog retriever family) when the opening lines of Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities came to mind. How curiously appropriate this sentiment echoes in todays American world. I think I would rather switch them to say "These are the worst of times, but also the BEST of times." I'm seeing a transformation of values and lifestyle, people are nesting and reevaluating their homes and way of life. What wonderful challenges we have been presented with, and we can only succeed in making our communities better.

March is a transitional month, winter isn't quite done with us and it's not quite spring. March is the time to force bulbs (if you haven't already) and start making those initial self and home and garden plans. March is when things pick up in the "design world". Rediscovering old pieces, or finding new ones, redecorating, revamping, repainting.... Spring is a time for cleaning and purging (and recycling!) To me, spring has represented a need for modification, alteration and growth.

Growth is great, and the mission of the ECO-BOUTIQUE hasn't changed, in fact, it's about to get a lot better! In the March Newsletter I posted that I will start teaching Green Design and ECO classes--even a better way to reach out to my community and share my passion, knowledge and experience. I can only hope my enthusiasm and commitment to making green and eco design fashionable, functional and beautiful is contagious. There are a growing number of "greenies" out there, ( I was called this at a DBA meeting---it was said in a sarcastic tone, but I thought it quaint and cute, so I kept it, so there!) and change IS happening, we may not see it every day, but it's there. And speaking of turning things around, let's make the worst of times, the best of times!
Lastly, one of my dearest friends reminded me last week, "Keep Calm and Carry on". Oh, where is that WWII slogan poster anyway?

Cheers and Happy Early Spring!
Tamara, Your local Green Girl

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Colleen Hickey said...

Well said my friend. I can't wait to see more changes and pics of the shop!