Friday, March 20, 2009

Being Present


I've hear this yoga term before and it didn't resonate until recently. What does that mean? Am I present in my design practice? My store practice? I cruise along most days thinking of how much I have to, what I haven't done, what I need to do next. Lately I find myself pausing to just BE in the moment--unfortunately this has happened a few times at the store where I block all the wonderful chatter and discovery that is happening when customers are in. :)

What about being present in your life practice? Present with the decisions we make, our attitudes, our thoughts, our purchases. There is a very slow shift in our society and when we do buy something, we want to feel good about it. Not just feeling good because we got it at a cheap or fair price, but feeling good about the fair wage a woman received, supporting her in her trade and family, about saving a salvaged piece from a landfill, using vintage and antique, knowing the elegant chunky goblet we are drinking from was recreated out of a recycled wine bottle...I could go on....and on....(AND on.........)

I'm happy to be here where I am, making mistakes, not always being 110% "on" and elated, being comfortable not having the store "perfect" all the time. (the last one is the hardest for me!) I would say that as unsettled as things are for many of us, I'm happy to BE PRESENT in my life, are you? ~th

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